These Hollow Stars

These Hollow Stars

Seventeen-year-old Cat would rather be home watching cooking vids, but since her Mom entered her into the colonist lottery, she’s on board the Athena with a one-way ticket to Mars.

Living in a bubble on Mars will be safer than staying on Earth. There’s no climate change, no Red Plague and certainly no pesky ghosts hanging around on that planet. Cat just has to make it there in one piece, but there’s one tiny problem. Well, if she’s being realistic, it’s a major problem. Her roommate, Addy, is a stowaway and Cat’s pretty certain she’s also an unregistered ghost, which is seriously bad news when the first mate is a card-holding member of the Anti-Ghost League. Addy’s twenty-first century clothes and antiquated speech don’t make her any less funny or gorgeous and Cat soon finds herself head over heels for her roomie.

Everything heads south when the first mate kills the captain and engineers a meteor collision that sends the Athena hurtling off-course. Worse still, he plans to destroy all the ghosts on board. If his men find Addy, she’ll be gone forever. Cat must depose the new captain to save the woman she loves and prevent the Athena becoming marooned on an abandoned outpost.

THESE HOLLOW STARS is a YA paranormal novel complete at 90,000 words, which will appeal to fans of Dare Mighty Things and Ghost Talkers.

Status: Querying!