The Disasterists

Status: Writing first draft

Kitty is a Disasterist in training. She’s one of dozens of young girls raised to be sent back in time and live out their lives in the past, providing first hand testimony about what it’s like living through some of the toughest times in history.

She’s headed for ancient Rome, though she’ll have to wait until her twenty-first birthday to find out her exact final destination. Please be some sunny beach on the Med, not a desolate frontier…

At the Disasterist high school graduation ceremony, all students get a sneak peak of where they’re headed. Things go drastically wrong for Kitty. She’s sent to the wrong time: seventeenth-century London.

She’s dressed like the bloody goddess Minerva and she’s totally out of place. How is she ever going to get back home and, once she’s found out the real Disasterist agenda, will she want to?